The Essentials training is aimed at personnel who are new to Foundation Fieldbus (FF) but are familiar with legacy Instrumentation concepts. Personnel who need to attend are staff who would have any technical involvement with the Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) of a FF installation.

Included with the course is a full-colour comprehensive FF reference manual (145 pages).
The one-day workshop covers many aspects of Fieldbus technology, including the specialised networking terminology and FF segment installation and wiring issues.

The course content contains sections on : -
  • Foundation - Goals, Principles & Philosophy
  • Fieldbus Technology, OSI Model & Benefits
  • Fieldbus Wiring & Installation (H1)
  • Device Types & Communications
  • FB Communication Models & the Macrocycle
  • User Layer Function Blocks & Schedules
The course is certified by the Fieldbus Foundation and was created by the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary. SAIT is one of the major FF "Centers of Excellence" located in various regions of the world.
This Essentials training is a pre-requisite to the higher level of Configuration offered by the FF-EUC Aus and the Discovery and Systems Integrator which are also offered by SAIT.

Perth (ECU) Tuesday 09 / Apr / 13
Brisbane Tuesday 16 / Jul / 13
Perth (TBA) Tuesday 13 / Aug / 13
Perth (TBA) Wednesday 13 / Nov / 13
Courses normally run from 09:00 to 16:30 - lunch and break refreshments are included with the course fee.

For Course Registration or more details on custom onsite courses
call Allen on (041) 295-5656 or (08) 6262-9365