The Digital Basics training course is aimed at personnel who are familiar with legacy Instrumentation concepts (4-20mA) but not the new smart digital devices or concepts. Personnel who need to attend are those staff who wish to take further training on any of the current range of Fieldbuses (FF) or Local Area Networks (LANs).
The half-day workshop briefly covers aspects of analog-to-digital conversion and the associated communication protocols that are needed to transmit this information around a modern process plant. Also covered is a short section on the precautions staff need to be aware of in this sort of installation.

The course content contains sections on : -

  • Overview of Digital / Data Comms.
     a) why digital vs analog (4-20mA)
     b) some history RS232>RS485
  • Definition of terms & usage
     a) comms glossary & network types
     b) point to point & LANs (Ethernet)
  • Smart Instruments / Fieldbus
     a) Modbus to HART to FF, etc
     b) device diagnostic advantages
  • Installation issues
     a) cable types / grounding matters
     b) interference mitigation
A vs D waveform
This Course is approved by the Institute of Instrumentation, Control & Automation and was created in response to end user requests for an introductory primer for the Fieldbus (FF) courses.
Digital Basics training is a suggested pre-requisite for those without any formal background in digital concepts that wish to do the FF Theory & Practical courses offered by the IICA & ECU.

Perth (ECU) Monday 08 / Apr / 13
Brisbane Monday 15 / Jul / 13
Perth (TBA) Monday 12 / Aug / 13
Perth (TBA) Tuesday 12 / Nov / 13
Courses normally run from 08:30 to 12:30 - break refreshments are included with the course fee.

For Course Registration or more details on custom onsite courses
call Allen on (041) 295-5656 or (08) 6262-9365