The Configuration training course is aimed at personnel who have completed the "Essentials" course or some equivalent pre-requisite basic course in Foundation Fieldbus (FF). Personnel who need to attend are staff who would have any technical involvement with the Engineering and / or Maintenance of a FF installation.
Included with the course is a comprehensive instruction manual, but it is suggested that attendees bring their previous course manual as a basic FF reference.
The one-day workshop covers many practical aspects of a Fieldbus installation, including four hands-on sessions with a PC workstation, a typical FF certified Host & process control instrumentation.

The course practical content contains sections on : -
  • Constructing a typicial FF H1 segment
  • Network setup and instrument checkout
  • PID loop build & schedule downloading
  • H1 packet analysis via a software package
Config Kit
The training is certified by the FF End User Council Aus Inc and was created by the Council in response to end user requests for a hands-on experience. This Configuration training is a pre-requisite to the higher level of HSE/OPC Integration training which is also planned by the FF-EUC Aus Inc.

Perth (ECU) Wednesday 10 / Apr / 13
Brisbane Wednesday 17 / Jul / 13
Perth (ECU) Wednesday 14 / Aug / 13
Perth (ECU) Wednesday 13 / Nov / 13
Courses normally run from 09:00 to 16:30 - lunch and break refreshments are included with the course fee.

For Course Registration or more details on custom onsite courses
call Allen on (041) 295-5656 or (08) 6262-9365